Patricia F. Raskob

raskob-patricia-1985899Title: President

Company: Raskob Kambourian Financial Advisors

Location: Tucson, Arizona


Tucson, AZ, January 4, 2017, Patricia F. Raskob, President of Raskob Kambourian Financial Advisors, has been recognized by Elite American Business Owners, for dedication, achievement and leadership in financial services.

Ms. Raskob has 30 years of professional experience, with 24 years as the President of Raskob Kambourian Financial Advisors. Throughout her career, she has set herself apart as an expert in charitable estate planning, retirement planning, tax preparation, audits, planning and trusts. Each day, she is responsible for assisting clients in planning strategies and achieving their life goals. Raskob Kambourian Financial Advisors is a financial advisory firm that provides financial advisory, tax and trust services. Prior to joining Raskob Kambourian Financial Advisors, Ms. Raskob created the Catholic Foundation for the Diocese of Tucson. She also assisted Kansas State University CFP track as Director with Endowment and Scholarship Plans.

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Abraham Mehrian

Title: President, Co-Founder, Board Member

Company: Strategic Legacy Investment Group, Inc.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles, CA, December 22, 2016, Abraham Mehrian, President, Co-Founder and Board Member  of Strategic Legacy Investment Group, Inc. has been recognized for showing dedication, leadership and excellence in real estate and retirement investing services.

Abraham Mehrian has 18 years of professional experience, with three years as the President, Co-Founder and Board Member of Strategic Legacy Investment Group, Inc. Throughout his career, he has set himself apart as an expert in the areas of real estate investment, estate planning, problem-solving and financial advice. Each day, he focuses on realistic investments and alternative investments, while also overseeing operations, including financial forecasting and planning, estate planning, property management, strategic planning, contract negotiations, sales and marketing, and the generation of new leads. Mr. Mehrian manages $119 million worth of real estate investments and focuses on multi-family office retail commercial real estate and residential projects, including real estate market analysis.

Looking back, Mr. Mehrian attributes his success to his mentors and martial arts background. At the age of 6, he developed a passion for martial arts. Through Japanese Karate, he developed both discipline and determination at an early age. By 13, he was awarded the highest honor of a gold medal from the United States National Karate Championship. For 10 years, he taught more than 3,500 students as a head karate instructor in West Los Angeles at the USA Martial Arts Center. He became involved in his profession because of his prior experiences in the field. He obtained his securities and investment group license, and within the second year opened his own branch office, where he provides personalized financial services to several high-net-worth clients from multiple professional backgrounds. He has also served as a financial consultant for Transamerica Financial Advisors, Inc. He started Family Financial Strategies Inc. in 2009 to help individuals, families and business owners with financial planning, risk analysis, investor relations, wealth advising, retirement and estate planning, tax consulting, and entity formation with a specialty in multi-entity corporate structure.

Mr. Mehrian maintains affiliation with Chabad, Congregation Ohel Moshe, Kolel, LAPD Hollywood Community Relations, the Hollywood Gang Enforcement Detail, the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce, the LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, LA Fashion District BID, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, New Directions, Inc., the American Cancer Society and Yachad/NJCD. In years to come, Mr. Mehrian intends to experience continued growth and success in his career, and obtain more than $1 billion in growth. He also intends to give back to the homeless, as well as build and invest in affordable homes and senior living facilities.

For more information about Strategic Legacy Investment Group, Inc., visit

Contact Abraham Mehrian


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David Hutson

environment_safety_water_biologyTitle: Owner

Company: EcoSampler

Location: Hendersonville, TN

Hendersonville, Tennessee, December 1, 2016, David L. Hutson, Owner of EcoSampler, has been recognized by Elite American Business Owners, for dedication, achievement and leadership in water sampling.

Mr. Hutson has 31 years of professional experience, with three years as the owner of EcoSampler. Throughout his career, he has set himself apart as an expert in stormwater sampling, spill prevention, control and counter measure plans for industrial facilities and military installations. On a daily basis, he manages projects, ensures safety in the field and visits sites to take water samples. EcoSampler is an engineering and environmental consultancy that provides industrial storm water pollution and storm water sampling services.

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Cody James Schueler

schueler-cody-1726763Title: 1) Co-Founder, Owner, Chief Executive Officer 2) Co-Founder, Owner, Chief Executive Officer 3) Co-Founder, Owner, President

Company: 1) High Rev Applications LLC 2) Flying Squirrel Sports 3) Shock Trampoline Park Systems

Location: Coeur d’Alene, ID

 Coeur d’Alene, ID, November 29, 2016, Cody James Schueler, Co-Founder and Owner of High Rev Applications LLC, Flying Squirrel Sports and Shock Trampoline Park Systems, has been recognized by Elite American Business Owners, for dedication, achievement and leadership in entrepreneurship.

Mr. Schueler has nine years of overall experience, which he brings to his three businesses. Throughout his career, he has set himself apart as an expert in new business development, startup ventures, entrepreneurship, financial funding services, new ventures, new product and business launches, search engine optimization solutions, website development and design, point-of-sale solutions and hardware and merchant processing. On a daily basis, he advises and consults on serious, innovative projects, while also handling specialty and management services.

Mr. Schueler is an aggressively motivated entrepreneur at heart. He holds ownership of multiple businesses including Flying Squirrel Sports (the world’s largest indoor trampoline fun parks), High Rev Applications LLC, Shock Trampoline Park Systems, Pure Management Corporation and High Rev Merchant Processing.

Mr. Schueler received a bachelor’s degree in economics and entrepreneurship from Washington State University in 2009. He maintains affiliation with Sigma Nu Fraternity, Inc., Young Professionals of CDA and SPO and the International Business Club. In five years, Mr. Schueler aims to start as many successful companies as possible in an effort to give back as much to the community as he can.

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Ivan Butkovic

Ivan Butkovic 1956503

Title: President

Company: Einstein Electrical Corporation

Location: Astoria, NY

Astoria, NY, October 21, 2016, Ivan Butkovic, President of Einstein Electrical Corporation, has been recognized by Elite American Business Owners for dedication, achievement and leadership in electrical services.

Einstein Electrical Corporation was founded by Mr. Butkovic, a licensed Master Electrician, in 2006. Mr. with Butkovic started working in the field straight out of high school and now has nearly two decades of experience. He has garnered a reputation for his stellar residential electrical work and spends his days supervising projects and providing estimates, and overseeing contracts, finances and daily business operations. Continue reading

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Douglas T. Schmidt, President & Founder

schmidt-douglas-2152261Title: President, Founder

Company: Schmidt Industrial Contracting Services Inc.

Location: Waller, TX

Waller, TX, September 26, 2016, Douglas Schmidt, President and Founder of the Schmidt Industrial Contracting Services Inc., has been recognized by Elite American Business Owners, for dedication, achievement and leadership in industrial contracting services.

In the realm of industrial contracting services, Douglas Schmidt leads the way as the president and founder of Schmidt Industrial Contracting Services Inc. His company, which focuses on providing general and custom electrical construction and engineering services soars under his direction. Having four decades of experience in the industry is one of the main factors for the company’s success. Not only is his longevity in the industry an achievement, but Mr. Schmidt’s innovative and cost-effective solutions to complex problems has also helped carry the mantle. Furthermore, he dedicates his time to overseeing operations and administrations, planning, estimating and coordinating projects. Continue reading

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Linda K. Thomas

thomas-linda-1964522Title: Owner, Operator

Company: Little River Motel

Location: Saint Regis, MT

Saint Regis, MT, September 16, 2016, Linda Thomas, Owner and Operator of Little River Motel, has been recognized by Elite American Business Owners, for dedication, achievement and leadership in lodging services.

Ms. Thomas jumped on the opportunity to own a motel in the 1980s, when President Reagan had the dairy buyout program. She got into the hospitality industry soon after at a hotel near Yellowstone National Park. In 1998, she made another step and purchased the Little River Motel from the previous owners. Since then, she has operated the quaint motel in the heart of Montana’s wildlife. The motel was originally opened in 1940, and Ms. Thomas endeavors to continue its charm and success.

When it comes to customer service and hospitality, Ms. Thomas cannot be beat. She operates the motel with the succinct precision that ensures guests enjoy their stay each time. She credits her success to her first generational lodging and the years of experience she has gained through that venture. In addition, she serves her community as a volunteer firefighter. Continue reading

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Joanne Fern

fern-joanne-1396779Title: Owner

Company: J&S Operated Equipment Rentals

Location: Palmdale, CA

Palmdale, CA, September 15, 2016, Joanne Fern, Owner of J&S Operated Equipment Rentals, has been recognized by Elite American Business Owners, for dedication, achievement and leadership in rental excavating.

Demonstrating more than 26 years of proficiency, Ms. Fern is an expert running rental excavating, demolition and grading firm, J&S Operated Equipment. As the owner, she is responsible for handling the billing, insurance, human resources and managing the operations of the company. While not easy tasks, Ms. Fern displays expert conduct to keep the business running efficiently and effectively. Ms. Fern keeps on track with the business operations by managing all the paperwork. One of her favorite sayings is, “the job is not done until the paperwork is done.”

Ms. Fern was introduced to the industry through her husband, who worked as a heavy equipment operator. A woman he worked with needed more owners and operators, and recruited Ms. Fern to the cause. Ms. Fern landed a contract, and the rest became history. She attributes her success to her perseverance, hard work and ability to keep customers happy. In addition, she maintains affiliation with the Council of Better Business Bureaus, Contractor’s Blue Book and the Air Resource Board.

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Earl F. Griffith

Title: Geologist

Company: Griffith Environmental Consulting Inc.

Location: Helena, MT

Helena, MT, September 9, 2016, Earl Griffith, Geologist at Griffith Environmental Consulting Inc., has been recognized by Elite American Business Owners, for dedication, achievement and leadership in geology consulting.

Mr. Griffith has contributed as a geologist for several decades. He brings his experience in the field to his latest venture, running his own environmental consulting firm. Committed to providing services that revolve around soil, hydrogeology, remediation, groundwater exploration, civil engineering and sampling, his clients are in reliable hands. As a consultant, he conducts environmental site assessments, groundwater investigations, mine closure oversight and reclamation, as well as inspections of fuel-contaminated soil.

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Judith McKinney

mckinney-judith-2150904Title: President, Owner

Company: Dublin Commercial Property Services, Inc.

Location: Port Clinton, OH

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