Robbie Reeves Williams

Williams, Robbie 1635127Title: Owner, Inspiring Creations

Company: Inspiring Creations

Location: Detroit, MI

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Dorothy M. Lucas

Dorothy Lucas

Title: Owner

Company: Lucas Trucking and Storage

Location: San Francisco, CA

San Francisco, CA, August 15, 2016, 2015, Dorothy M. Lucas, Owner of Lucas Trucking and Storage, has been recognized by Elite American Business Owners for dedication, achievements, and leadership in business management.

With more than 32 years of professional experience under her belt, Ms. Lucas shines as a luminary in the trucking and storage industry, and at the helm of her own business. She has made a name for herself as someone who is always able to meet every challenge that the fast-paced and demanding trucking, logistics and storage business has to offer. She is always committed to providing the best customer service in the industry.

Ms. Lucas completed coursework in sociology at San Francisco State University, and she has since remained diligent in her endeavors to keep abreast of trends and developments in her field. She champions a number of worthy causes, including an array of charitable organizations, when she is not busy running her business. Ms. Lucas feels that she has been able to thrive professionally due to sheer hard work, dedication, and a passion for what she does. Continue reading

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Jacque Foreman

Title: Owner

Company: Foreman Graphics

Location: Altadena, CA

Altadena, CA, August 9, 2016, Jacque Foreman, Owner of Foreman Graphics, has been recognized by Elite American Business Owners, for dedication, achievement and leadership in graphic design.

Demonstrating more than 40 years of industry know-how, Ms. Foreman has been recognized on numerous occasions for her work with many first-place awards for her work in pen and ink renderings. As an expert in creating logos, graphic art, business stationery, brochures and fliers, she is also responsible for handling all aspects of the business. In addition to these services, she builds introductory websites for clients at an affordable price. Ms. Foreman believes in supporting local work, and reaches out to freelancers in her work when she needs a service performed. Continue reading

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Carolyn Purvis

Purvis, Carolyn 1645945Title:
Sole Proprietor

Company: CP Quality Consulting

Location: Paris, TN

Paris, TN, July 17, 2016, Carolyn Purvis, Sole Proprietor of CP Quality Consulting, has been recognized by Elite American Business Owners for dedication, achievements and leadership in consulting.

Ms. Purvis became involved in her profession because of her prior experiences working for a manufacturing plant. All of the plants had to be registered by a certain date. She liked the process and eventually became the director of the quality system in that plant. From there, Ms. Purvis progressed into starting her own business. Continue reading

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Claudette E. Dunford

Title: Tax Preparer, Owner

Company: A Taxing Event

Location: Newark, DE

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Dianne Stetler

Dianne StetlerTitle: President

Company: R Bar D Stables LLC

Location: Clyde, OH, United States

Clyde, OH, June 16, 2016, Dianne Stetler, Vice President of R Bar D Stables LLC, has been recognized by Elite American Business Owners, for dedication, achievement and leadership in horse supplies.

Dianne Stetler is the president of R Bar D Stables LLC, a premier tack and village store offering horse supplies and general store items. With a well-rounded background in equine health care management, Mrs. Stetler expertly helps with the equipment, makes phone calls, and assists with operations at the helm of the company, which she runs along with her husband, Richard. In addition, she is responsible for ordering supplies, overseeing all operations of the retail store, and overseeing operations for the mobile unit, which attends horse shows, flea markets, clinics or events that have anything to do with equine events. Mrs. Stelter raised and bred championship horses, some of which she sold to other families. Even when the horses move on, she keeps pictures of them and they always stay in her family’s heart and mind. Continue reading

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Clyde Schimke

Schimke, Clyde 489355Title: Owner, Inventor

Company: Schimke Design

Location: Port Charlotte, FL

Port Charlotte, FL, April 29, 2016, Clyde Schimke, Owner and Inventor of Schimke Design, has been recognized by Elite American Business Owners, for dedication, achievement and leadership in conceptual invention.

Mr. Schimke saw a need for a new type of puff tube while working as a hospital maintenance engineer for 21 years. Mr. Schimke noticed puff tubes were used to change television channels and to call nurses, but were not present in hospital beds. From there, he designed the product and applied for a patent. The benefits of this invention results in taking up less space in a hospital bed. As Mr. Schmike explains, “The puff tube takes less air pressure to blow on than a blow tube, this control will operate the bed, it raises and lowers the head and foot of bed. This is positioned to the side of the bed so quadriplegics can make themselves more comfortable without having to call for help when they get uncomfortable.” Continue reading

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James P. Ingham

Ingham, James 1746972.jpgTitle: Entrepreneur, Owner, Inventor

Company: Little Giant Refuse Equipment, L.L.C.

Location: Mesa, AZ


Mesa, AZ, April 15, 2016, James Ingham, Entrepreneur, inventor and founder of Little Refuse Equipment LLC, has been recognized by Elite American Business Owners for his achievements, dedication and leadership in the recreational and leisure refuse industry.

For 38 years, Mr. Ingham has worked in the public arena, creating parks and trail systems for the City of Scottsdale. During his tenure, he witnessed inefficiencies in trash removal from recreational areas. “Across the board, there were areas that were riddled with physical redundancies, on-the-job accidents and little equipment appropriate for the work that needed to be done,” he says, adding that he took the opportunity to make a true impact not only on his community, but in communities across the county. Thus, Mr. Ingham created the micro mobile refuses technology transfer system (MMRTTS), a mechanical application specifically designed to automate leisure refuse collection. This innovation brings together a combination of engineered components on a small powerful and maneuverability mobile platform with the technology to automate leisure trash collation. “The idea here is to create new ideas and technologies that improve on past ideas and push the fringe of what is possible,” Mr. Ingham says.

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Edward G. Bedard

Edward G. BedardTitle: General Partner (Retired)

Company: Bedard Family LP

Location: Northfield, NH, United States

Laconia, NH, April 12, 2016, Edward G. Bedard, Retired General Partner of Bedard Family LP, has been recognized by Elite American Business Owners for his achievements and leadership in real estate.

With a pronounced background in residential real estate, Mr. Bedard skillfully and capably oversees the design, development, construction, rental and maintenance of residential properties. He has amassed nearly six decades of professional experience, and attributes his success to his honesty, hard work and love of Jesus Christ. Mr. Bedard’s agency owns and operates 12 buildings. He and his wife, Linda, are both ministers at the Holy Eucharist Church. Continue reading

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Robert Whitaker

Whitaker, Robert 1968249Title: Professional Contract Painter

Company: Grasshopper Painting LLC

Location: Denver, CO

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