Barbara Weissberger

Barbara WeissbergerTitle: Manager, Owner

Company: J. Weissberger Associates, LLC

Location: New Milford, NJ, United States

Barbara Weissberger is the manager and owner of J. Weissberger Associates, LLC, a premier research company and provider of medical research for pharmaceutical and medical literature. Ms. Weissberger is currently responsible for determining research study needs, communicating with clients, reading scholarly journals and magazines, and for collecting data. As the founder of J. Weissberger Associates and a long-term career professional in the pharmaceutical industry with a degree in microbiology, Ms. Weissberger ensures that her firm provides the answers to the most difficult questions faced by people in the medical and pharmaceutical fields. She became involved in her profession after working as a microbiologist in the pharmaceutical industry. Ever passionate about learning about the fine points of the world of science, Ms. Weissberger continues to grow within her field; she remains abreast of trends and developments as a member of the Association of Independent Information Professionals and the DIA. Ms. Weissberger’s company is named in honor of her late husband, Joseph.

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Barbara Weissberger

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