Carol Hunter

Carol HunterTitle: Owner

Company: Accounting by Carol

Location: Henrico, VA

Carol Hunter is the Owner of Accounting by Carol, a premier accounting firm based in Henrico, Virginia. At the helm of her establishment, Ms. Hunter utilizes sophisticated proficiencies in tax deduction to help her clients by preparing their tax returns; she also prepares returns for small and medium-sized businesses. Ms. Hunter will soon be rounding out a quarter-century year long career; at present, she possesses more than 23 years of professional experience in accounting. She was inspired to pursue her current career path by the experience she gained working as an accountant for other companies, which prompted her to establish her own business. In 2006, Ms. Hunter received a Republican of the Year Award, and she feels that she has been able to achieve high levels of success due to hard work and sheer dedication and tenacity.

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Carol Hunter

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