Carolyn Tillman

Carolyn TillmanTitle: Owner

Company: Rising Dough Bakery

Location: South Charleston, WV

South Charleston, West Virginia | January 12, 2011 | Carolyn Tillman, Owner of Rising Dough Bakery, has been recognized by Elite American Business Owners for demonstrating enthusiasm, management, and brilliance in all aspects of running her own business. With over three years of professional experience in baking, Ms. Tillman bakes breads, rolls, cookies and cakes. As the owner she is responsible for ensuring the inventory in managed, she manages accounts payable and receivable, and creates advertising.

A family owned business, Ms. Tillman works to continue the bread legacy her father had started. She is truly passionate about baking and attributes her success in the industry to her ability to gain product recognition and her excellent customer service skills. She hopes to expand Rising Dough Bakery’s market by opening more locations and creating a web-based business. Please feel free to contact Ms. Tillman for more information on Rising Dough Bakery.

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Carolyn Tillman

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