Clark Hall

Clark HallTitle: Owner, Chief Executive Officer

Company: Frascati Shops, Inc. dba FSI Railcar Service Center

Location: Mobile, AL

Clark Y. “Corky” Hall III is the Owner and Chief Executive Officer of Frascati Shops, Inc. dba FSI Railcar Service Center, one of Mobile, Alabama’s leading providers of railroad car services and repairs. As a business management expert, Mr. Hall supports the ongoing growth and development of his company in concerted efforts with his son, and ensures that the daily operations are running smoothly and efficiently. He pinpoints the most gratifying aspect of his career thus far as his successful relocation of Frascati Shops Inc. to its new site. He has been running the business for the past 18 years and currently operates it with his son, Clark Y. Hall IV. Previously, he worked for Contel Cellular, where he was seen as one of the company’s career pioneers. He was the manager of Contel Cellular’s first storefront retail operation and was in charge of the company’s first in-line mall store, located in Arkansas. He was later picked to work in Richmond, VA, where he successfully tapped into a heavily desired market and secured work for Contel Cellular with some of the top companies in the local area. Mr. Hall has effectively established himself as a productive business leader, having received such prominent awards as the Tower Award for General Manager of the Year from Contel Cellular Inc. in 1987, The Future 30 Small Business Award as granted by the Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce, Alabama, and an article feature in Alabama Seaport magazine, the official magazine of the Alabama State Port Authority in 2010, entitled “On the Fast Track for Growth.”

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Clark Hall

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