Connie Williams

Connie WilliamsTitle: 1) Owner 2) Owner, Chief Executive Officer

Company: 1) Integrated Payment Solutions 2) Connie’s Candle Shop

Location: Milam, TX

Milam, Texas | October 20, 2010 | Connie L. Williams, Owner of Integrated Payment Solutions, and Owner and Chief Executive Officer of Connie’s Candle Shop, has been recognized by Elite American Business Owners for showing dedication, leadership and excellence in all aspects of proprietorship.

As the owner of two businesses, Ms. Williams is a very busy woman who attributes her success to her hard work and ambition. Having originally started Integrated Payment Solutions, a credit card-payment processing company that also sells credit card terminals and pin pads, after her son piqued her interest in credit card processing, she oversees the electronic check process, bookkeeping, the filing of paperwork and ensures customer satisfaction.

In her second role as the owner and chief executive officer of Connie’s Candle Shop, Ms. Williams networks for new contacts, oversees employee training, company sales and marketing, customer service, and the sales of creative gifts using candles and other products including scented stuffed animals and gift baskets. Products carried by Connie’s Candle Shop include ‘Mia Bella’ scented candles, bath and body products and the ‘Bella Beauty’ mineral ale makeup line. As the owner, she enjoys the opportunity to be creative and produce products that make people feel good, as well as the opportunity to visit hospitals and give to ill or hurt children. The products she creates and sells at Connie’s Candle Shop display the pride she has in the creation of each item and she is empowered by the control she has over the quality of her products. At Connie’s Candle Shop they are dedicated to customer satisfaction and Ms. Williams’ greatest compliment is when a customer refers friends to her shop.

The recipient of an award from EVO Merchant Services, Inc. in 2006, Ms. Williams is a member of the Angel Society, the Sabine County Chamber of Commerce, and the Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon. She also attends New Hope Baptist Church. Her daughter Shelly is currently serving in the United States Navy in Iraq.

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