Dee Enger

Dee EngerTitle: President, Founder

Company: Executives to Airport, Inc.

Location: Aurora, CO, United States

Dee Enger is the president and founder of Executives to Airport, Inc., an airport transportation, parking and auto concierge service provider. At her current post, Ms. Enger is in charge of handling all phases of the operation, running the office, and making staffing decisions. She also arranges for service for clients’ cars, and attends to whatever is needed at the time. Ms. Enger has been a cosmetologist for 42 years. She was a salon owner for a number of years before opening Executives to Airport. She founded the business more than 16 years ago, offering executives convenient valet services at a time when many people disliked everything about the new airport. She established her company after owning a beauty salon for a number of years, because she developed the idea for a new transportation service shortly after the Denver International Airport opened. Her clientèle now includes families and vacationers as well.

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Dee Enger

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