Dolores Farnum

Dolores FarnumTitle: Founder & CEO

Company: FFC Billing Corporation

Location: Woodland Hills, CA, United States

Dolores L. Farnum is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the FFC Billing Corporation, a premier medical billing company based in Woodland Hills, California. Considered by many in her field to be an authority in the area of medical billing, as the company’s CEO, Ms. Farnum holds the full responsibility of running day-to-day operations, and overseeing 23 employees. She also handles finances, marketing initiatives, and new business developments, and works with doctors on surgical billing procedures. In addition, Ms. Farnum assists insurance companies and patients with regards to the billing process.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience, Ms. Farnum prides herself on being involved in all aspects of the business. Her work is distinguished by personal attention, creative approaches, and exceptional results. She ensures that the overall structure of the company is preserved and that an efficient medical billing structure is maintained in order to guarantee maximum proficiency.

Ms. Farnum was inspired to pursue her current career path by the example set by her father, Dr. Valentino Lattanzo, who served as a physician and encouraged her to consider business-based opportunities when looking into a career in medicine. Her husband is a doctor, and she became involved in her field upon offering him assistance with medical billing in his office. She is a well-versed in the areas of critical thinking and data analysis, having earned a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities from Loyola Marymount University. She looks forward to experiencing continued professional growth and possibly pursuing a partnership in the future.

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Dolores Farnum

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