Emily Keaster

Emily KeasterTitle: Homesteader, Rancher, Homemaker

Company: Independent

Location: Delta Junction, AK

Emily V. Keaster is a homesteader, rancher and homemaker whose background is in agriculture. Based in Alaska, Ms. Keaster spends her time caring for her chickens and completing any tasks that arise for the day. With 32 years of agricultural experience under her belt, Ms. Keaster shines as a luminary in her field. She was recognized for 25 years of conservation by ACS Soil, and she also received a Leadership Award from 4-H. Ms. Keaster published the book “Queen of the Last Frontier,” written by Linda O’Connell. After applying to be queen of Delta Junction and being in good standings with the pioneers to preserve the history of Alaska, Ms. Keaster became inspired by the experience and knowledge she gained to pursue her current career path. She is the former queen of the Alaska Pioneers, and she is past president of her local 4-H program, a member of the Delta Farm Bureau and the Delta Farmers Co-Op. She attributes her success to her confidence and love of pioneer life. Her genuine adoration for farming and cultivation has given her a chance to support her family and she strives for excellence in her every endeavor.

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Emily Keaster

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