Harry H. Sylvain

Harry H. SylvainTitle: Owner

Company: Sylco Trading

Location: Brooklyn, NY, United States

BROOKLYN, NY, March 7, 2013, Harry H. Sylvain, Owner of Sylco Training, has been recognized by Elite American Business Owners for dedication, achievements and leadership in accounting.

Over the course of a successful 14-year career, Mr. Sylvain has built on an ever-emergent skill set, which currently encompasses proficiencies in accounting and tax advice consulting. He trains and monitors his staff, and is opening between six and 15 additional tax consulting branches. He also owns a tax consulting firm, and a realty firm called Rapid Realty.

Upon reflecting on an illustrious career, Mr. Sylvain has come to attribute his success to the quality solutions that he has been able to offer to those with whom he has worked over the years, and to the applied methods that he uses when he services others. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Stony Brook University, and he continues to strive for excellence in his every endeavor.

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Harry H. Sylvain

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