Joan Steiner-Adler

Joan Steiner-AdlerTitle: President, Owner

Company: MTLS, Inc.

Location: Palm Springs, CA

Joan Steiner-Adler, Ed.D. is the President and Owner of MTLS, Inc., a medical consulting firm based in Palm Springs, California. At her current post, Ms. Steiner-Adler offers her expertise in the evaluation of medical tests and instruction by teaching others and offering specialized consultative services. She also assesses medical tests. Ms. Steiner-Adler is the co-author of the book titled “Looking for Mr. Perfect.” She has also published more than 100 music reviews. She has worked on several humanitarian service projects in Africa and China. She has recently committed herself toward mentoring young people, which she finds very rewarding, and believes is a duty that is extremely important. Her greatest influence in her life is her older sister, Jan Shields. In 1998, she received a Research Excellence Award for her concentrated and conscientious efforts. With more than 54 years of professional experience and a passion for her work, Ms. Steiner-Adler strives for excellence in her every endeavor.

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Joan Steiner-Adler

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