Karen Elizabeth Dowson

Karen Elizabeth DowsonTitle: Owner

Company: The Dog’s Breakfast

Location: Burnaby, BC, Canada

Karen Elizabeth Dowson is the owner of The Dog’s Breakfast, a premier dog daycare center specializing in dog training solutions and walking and boarding services. At the helm of the company, Ms. Dowson utilizes her expertise in organizational management, offering her sprawling skill set when training, grooming and boarding dogs. She is in charge of running the business and overseeing finances. With ten years of professional experience under her belt, Ms. Dowson continues to strive for excellence in her endeavors; she is proud to have followed her dreams of starting her own business, attributing her success to perseverance. Ms. Dowson has garnered a reputation of distinction for her originality and resolve; once she gets an idea, she sticks with it.

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Karen Elizabeth Dowson

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