Keith Thykeson

Keith ThykesonTitle: President, Owner

Company: Pioneer Golf, Inc.

Location: Newbury Park, CA, United States

NEWBURY PARK, CA, April 4, 2012, Keith A. Thykeson, President and Owner of Pioneer Golf, Inc.  has been recognized by Elite American Business Owners for dedication, achievements, and leadership in synthetic turf applications.

Mr. Thykeson excels in the design and installation of synthetic turf for athletic fields and the landscape industry. At the helm of the innovative and pioneering synthetic turf company, Mr. Thykeson manages operations, creates proposals, orders turf, and bills accounts. He is also responsible for submitting payroll and handling human resources functions and sales. Over the course of a successful career, Mr. Thykeson has garnered a reputation of distinction, earning accolades for the “Most Putting Green Installed,” and the “Most EZ Tee Applications Done at Golf Courses and Country Clubs.”

Mr. Thykeson became involved in his industry after leading a career as a PGA golf professional because, when he had a synthetic turf putting green installed in his backyard, he wasn’t satisfied with the installation, materials and craftsmanship that went into it. He decided to get involved with the synthetic turf industry to create, develop, and provide customers with the best possible materials, design and workmanship. The highlight of his career as a businessman is having been the No. 1 dealer for Synthetic Turf International for six years and the company’s top performer for the last eight years. Due to his company’s top quality work during this time, Mr. Thykeson has been named to Synthetic Turf International’s Advisory Board.

Mr. Thykeson is proud of his honesty, integrity and trustworthiness. He has received many awards for his work in different aspects of the synthetic turf industry. By getting involved with the leading turf manufacturer and organization, Synthetic Turf International, he has been able to play a role in suggesting ideas to create better products. In addition, the years he has been in the industry enable him to provide the organization with recommendations and assistance regarding proper installation methods. Mr. Thykeson is honored to be asked feedback on the products that are being manufactured for different applications. Synthetic turf is used not only for putting greens, but for many types of athletic fields, as well as in playgrounds and residential landscaping. Pioneer Golf, Inc., is dedicated to delivering a final product that clients will enjoy and take pride in.

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Keith Thykeson

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