Kenda C. Knight

Kenda C. KnightTitle: President, Owner

Company: KC Knight Consulting LLC

Location: Oswego, NY, United States

Kenda C. Knight is the president and owner of KC Knight Consulting LLC, a premier management consulting company specializing in providing solutions for the nuclear and manufacturing industries. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in organization and leadership, Ms. Knight offers her expertise to the consultancy by offering guidance in nuclear and manufacturing work and management services in preparation for fuel manufacturing, design improvement, processes and procedures. She is also responsible for training, working in conjuction with the management team, improving refueling outages in nuclear power plants, and designing modifications in plants. Ms. Knight also works on building a more efficient way to produce in safety and reliability, and on saving money. At her current post, she is in charge of meeting with clients, performing assessments, and creating contracts. Ms. Knight possesses extensive experience in outage management, work management, and integrated fleet strategies within the nuclear industry.

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Kenda C. Knight

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