Kenneth Pennock

Kenneth PennockTitle: Owner

Company: Traumanon, LLC

Location: Fultonville, NY

Kenneth L. Pennock II is the owner of Traumanon, LLC, a premier spiritual and mental healing center that offers services for trauma victims, and those coping with psychosomatic illnesses and inorganic aberrations. An expert on coaching, counseling and unique procedures which reduce the influence of emotional pain from a person’s life, Mr. Pennock conducts research within a physical and spiritual universe, and organizes residential treatment programs for victims of traumatic events. He also counsels patients, analyzes problems, and helps clients to release negative effects of the subconscious mind to analyze the positive power of the conscious mind. Ever committed to helping others, Mr. Pennock was inspired to become involved in his profession by the motivation to establish a healing center that developed within him after becoming consciously aware of his true being. He sought out spiritual philosophies, along with the natural sciences, and discovered how to bring all able beings to the realization of their true selves.

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Kenneth Pennock

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