Kim G. Burkes

Kim G. BurkesTitle: Owner

Company: Union Avenue Compounding Pharmacy

Location: Tacoma, WA, United States

TACOMA, WA, May 24, 2013, Kim G. Burkes, Owner of the Union Avenue Compounding Pharmacy, has been recognized by Elite American Business Owners for dedication, achievements, and leadership in entrepreneurship.

Ms. Burkes shines as a luminary in her field, bringing forth a wealth of knowledge and experience to her pharmacy, which offers top quality prescription medications, and her expertise in medication compounding allows her to help her customers to achieve optimal health. She adeptly mixes drugs that fit the unique needs of a patient, such as medications that are no longer on the market, or may need to be changed from pill form to a liquid. She specializes in the procurement, compounding, quality control testing, dispensing, distribution and monitoring of radiopharmaceuticals, and also handles veterinary compounding.

Ms. Burkes became involved in her profession because she discovered a love for pharmacy at age 14 when she went to work at an apothecary shop. Her entrepreneurial spirit however led her to opening her own pharmacy in January 2010. She sits on the Board of Pharmacy Specialties, and is a member of the Washington State Pharmacy Association and the American Pharmaceutical Association. Ms. Burkes is also a Board Certified Nuclear Pharmacist.

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Kim G. Burkes

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