Lori Cooper

Lori CooperTitle: Owner

Company: Barkwins Network

Location: Mason City, IA

Lori Cooper is the Owner of Barkwins Network, a pet care center located in Mason City, Iowa. Barkwins stands for Bring Awareness Responsibility Knowledge with Immune Nutritional Support. With heightened strengths in assisting with pet rescue and training, Ms. Cooper coordinates with community and animal rehabilitation centers to assist with animal rescue. A long-standing determination and perseverance to protect animals from injustice and abuse has led Ms. Cooper toward success as the owner of a business that supports the welfare of animals. Barkwins Network provides assistance with rescue, shelter and care for pets and animals. Ms. Cooper has 40 years of experience in the area and has expertise in educating pet owners on important topics and issues. Her passion for helping animals extends beyond her physically setting them free from harmful environments; she also works with people and trains them on the many ways that they can be more effective in helping to protect animals. Ms. Cooper also shares her knowledge of the industry through her writing. She authored an article called, “26 Seconds to No Return.” Ms. Cooper is a member of The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and is charitably involved with Patriots for Pets, which is a animal rescue and shelter for Veterans. At this charity, she assists with the dog training for the autism program. In the near future, she looks forward to teaching people about pet care and conducting more seminars. For more information, please visit http://7401900.4life.com and http://www.petprotector.org/product?ID=18456.

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Lori Cooper

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