Mark Anthony

Mark AnthonyTitle: Owner

Company: Primo Health Solutions

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Mark Anthony is the owner of Primo Health Solutions, a leading personal wellness and nutritional consultations provider based in New York. Through his consulting company, Mr. Anthony guides his clients smoothly through a program which improves their eating habits, gives them more energy, promotes overall health, helps them to stay fit, and assists them in accomplishing their weight-loss goals. He also designs a supplement plan to complement their healthy lifestyles. In addition to being an expert in the area of vitamin and mineral supplementation, Mr. Anthony is an experienced herbalist. He conducts medical dietary evaluations for those he advises, and also develops a plan to address any specific health issues or concerns that they may have. He works with them to design specific and individual plans that help alleviate or reverse the affects of many ailments. He feels it is important to discuss with them how to use nutrition to prevent many common ailments. He works with them to assess family history and environmental concerns as well. Moreover, he helps people address health concerns such as heart disease, diabetes, digestive disorders, skin problems, eyesight, vitality, obesity, and many other issues. Mr. Anthony is a recipient of the ATM Silver Award as granted by Toastmasters International, and he strives for excellence in his every endeavor to help people achieve nutrition through tailored plans according to nutritional needs.

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Mark Anthony

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