Moss A. Jackson, Ph.D.

Moss A. Jackson, Ph.D.Title: Founder, President

Company: Corporate Initiatives

Location: Ardmore, PA, United States

Moss A. Jackson, Ph.D. is the Founder and President of Corporate Initiatives, a leading business consulting firm with a focus on offering resources for businesses, including executive coaching, leadership, training, talent hiring and selection. At the helm of the premier consultancy, Dr. Jackson offers his leadership development, executive coaching and talent management expertise when coaching, recruiting and providing clinical psychology and conflict resolution tips to others. He also facilitates the ongoing effectiveness of the firm by leading strategic planning retreats, facilitating organizational change brought on by changes in leadership, mergers and acquisitions, and building powerful and effective organizational cultures through the selection of capable people for the job.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience acquired over the course of a 40-year spanning career, Dr. Jackson’s expertise lies in leadership development, executive coaching and talent management. He became involved in his profession after training as a clinical psychologist and beginning to do counseling for high-level professional companies. He became frustrated while coaching a number of highly intelligent clients with good problem-solving skills who could not move forward with their personal and professional lives. He realized that they were either victims or survivors, and thus embarked on a life mission to help clients, patients and companies transform their lives and instead become success navigators.

Dr. Jackson has been practicing in his field since 1972. He co-developed the Center for Psychological Services in Ardmore, Pa., in 1976, at which time he focused in the areas of family therapy, family business and conflict resolution for 10 years. He created Corporate Initiatives in 1986, and is currently a skilled presenter at both the local and national levels, as well as an executive coach for many leaders in the Delaware Valley region. He has written a few books including, “Navigating for Success: Passion, Goals, & Action” and “Navigating Your Business Relationships: 52 Skills Partners Need to Know.”

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Moss A. Jackson, Ph.D.

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