Patricia Brady

Patricia BradyTitle: Owner

Company: Patricia Brady & Associates

Location: Medford, MA, United States

Patricia Brady is the Owner of Patricia Brady & Associates, a private practice specializing in services for high-conflict families and children in households where abuse and neglect have been prevalent. Ms. Brady is considered an expert in child abuse and neglect therapy, resolution of high-conflict family issues, and adoption, and she is responsible for handling child custody evaluation for the courts. She also serves as a parenting coordinator and evaluator for the Boston Juvenile Court, takes appointments from the court, consults at the children’s hospital, and testifies as an expert witness. Ms. Brady has made a name for herself as a knowledgeable and skilled authority in her field, earning the title of “Citizen of the Year” in the City of Medford, Massachusetts, and she attributes her success to her diligence, compassion, empathy and good training.

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Patricia Brady

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