Patricia Jeanpierre-Hicks

Patricia Jeanpierre-HicksTitle: Chief Executive Officer, Owner

Company: Global Network Communications, LLC

Location: Alexandria, LA, United States

Patricia C. Jeanpierre-Hicks is the Chief Executive Officer and Owner of Global Network Communications, LLC, a telecommunications and technology premier marketing company in the direct sales industry and reseller of utilities in select deregulated energy markets. With a  refined and sophisticated background in telecommunications, direct sales and network marketing, and versatile skill sets in nursing, legal nurse consulting and telehealth communications, Ms. Jeanpierre-Hicks helps people save money on products and services that they are using every day. She also assists others in increasing or diversifying their income on products and services. She was recently able to use her telecommunication technology (videophone) to save a client $2000 every three months on transportation when they had to go to the doctor’s office; she also helped the doctor capitalize on his time by not having to leave his office for a routine exam. Ms. Jeanpierre-Hicks truly enjoys helping people, and envisions for them a better life, spiritually, mentally, physically, and financially.

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Patricia Jeanpierre-Hicks

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