Paulette Chatman

Paulette ChatmanTitle: President

Company: Always Best Care NW Morris

Location: Flanders, NJ, United States

Paulette Chatman, CPA, CSA is the President of Always Best Care NW Morris, one of the most trusted providers of senior care needs offering a network of independently owned and operated franchise offices located in ideal locations throughout the United States. At the helm of the senior care franchise network and North West Morris’ leader in first-rate and professional senior care, Ms. Chatman manages a staff of 15, provides nonmedical home care, manages home health aides and licensed practical nurses, and communicates with clients in efforts to proactively meet their needs.

From companion care to end-of-life services, Always Best Care provides every individual and their family with well-trained care and expert support. In addition, Always Best Care works with thousands of coast-to-coast healthcare providers and has a dedicated partnership with Philips Lifeline, the largest emergency response system in the world. Philips Lifeline provides state-of-the-art technology for any senior with mobility issues or in need of that extra care. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, Ms. Chatman strives for excellence in her every endeavor to give people the top-notch levels of care that they deserve. She became inspired to pursue her current career path by a long-standing desire to help people on a professional basis, and she feels that she has been able to achieve success through Always Best Care due to her talents for building strong, enriching and long-lasting relationships with others. Ms. Chatman enjoys gardening and traveling in her spare time.

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Paulette Chatman

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