Rosalind E. Cazares

Rosalind E. CazaresTitle: Owner

Company: Mama’s Plantation, Mama’s Gospel Records

Location: Midvale, UT, United States

MIDVALE, UT, March 20, 2013, Rosalind E. Cazares, Owner of Mama’s Plantation and Mama’s Gospel Records, has been recognized by Elite American Business Owners for dedication, achievements, and leadership in business management.

Mrs. Cazares, an excellent lead singer and dynamic choir directress of Mama’s Temple Choir, keeps her mother’s beautiful legacy alive through the choir’s award winning floats entered each July in the Utah, Days of 47 Parades. She attributes her success as Minister of Music to the ‘special sound God has given in her ear.’ She is a gifted voice coach and trained the choir’s voices and trained her husband Mark’s voice as superb lead singer for the choir. Mark received standing ovations, singing ‘Walk around Heaven’ while performing with the Winans. Mark was asked numerous times to spot sing and was chosen to stay with the choir. Her mother chose her and asked her to be choir directress in the early 1980s. She directed over 250-voice Faith Temple Choir Number One in Salt Lake City, the 17-voice chorale, the 40-voice ensemble, and the Southern Comforts Group. She established and directed the 75-voice Faith Temple Choir Number 11 in Indianapolis, IN. The Choir performed along with world-renowned black poetess, author and actress Maya Angelou for the University of Utah’s First Martin Luther King celebration at Kingsbury Hall in 1985. The choir was requested to sing with the Robert Urich, Rita Coolidge and Stephen Stills Tour in Utah. The choir and ensemble has performed with many famous artists such as background singers for Emmy Award winner Michael Bolton’s ‘Lean on Me’ tour, along with Celine Dion on June 11, 1994 at the Delta Center, Salt Lake City, UT. In 1996, they performed in the background for the John Tesh production ‘Heaven, I’m Going There’ at Wolf Mountain, UT. Mama’s Temple Choir received standing ovations accompanying Lyle Lovett with his ‘Large Band’ at Kingsbury Hall in Salt Lake City in July of 2008. The Choir performed in January 1998 in Deer Valley, UT for the world wide coverage of the passing of the Olympic torch from Nagana, Japan to Salt Lake City for the Utah 2002 Winter Olympics and opened and closed for the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake.

In 1997, the choir performed the hit gospel stage play ‘God’s Trying to Tell You Something’ with Delilah Rashell Williams and her award winning cast at Abravanel Hall in Salt Lake City. Mrs. Cazares and the Group opened up for the NBA, performing for Utah Jazz Basketball Games several times, opening with the ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ national Anthem. She sang ‘I Believe’ with the choir at Franklin Covey Field (formerly Derks Field, now known as Spring Mobile Ball Park) in Salt Lake City for the opening of the Salt Lake Buzz, Baseball Games (formerly the Utah Trappers). Mama’s Temple Choir continues to perform for many community and state events and performed recently with Big Budah on Utah’s TV Channel Fox 13, for Utah’s 2010 Black History Month Celebrations, and has performed numerous times for Utah TV Channels two, four and five. The choir recently performed with David Osmond at the Delta Center, Salt Lake City in September 2008. Mrs. Cazares pinpoints the most rewarding aspect of her career as being able to breathe life into her mother’s legacy; she feels it is because of this that she received the title of Entrepreneur of the Year from Cambridge Who’s Who. She also feels that a major highlight in her career has been receiving her Ordaining licenses, particularly that of a Minister of Music license. She recently became inducted into the Top Female Executives, and she feels that the reception came just when she needed it—during hard times that she was facing, she garnered a reputation of distinction for her outstanding efforts, then along came Talk of the Town News and a Customers Satisfaction Award rating 4.5 stars for Mama’s Plantation Restaurant. Mrs. Cazares has an Award winning Restaurant, and she is proud to be a foremost business owner.

On March  20, 2013, the first day of  spring, Mrs. Cazares learned that she won the Elite American Business Owner award.  She feels that the Choir has made her a success in her field. She was her mother’s choir directress, and at present, she is celebrating nearly three decades of running the business, which is her inheritance. The choir, called Mama’s Temple Church/Choir, has been the highlight of her life. Dr. Rosemary Redmon Cosby served as her mentor, and Mrs. Cazares’ mother taught her how to work and how to handle a lot of businesses. She is eternally grateful for their help, and for that of her husband, Mark. She is grateful to be serving as her own boss, and not having to worry about being fired for no particular reason. When offering advice to aspiring professionals, she says “Keep God in [your] life first, don’t procrastinate. Don’t give up when it gets hard.” Mrs. Cazares has never relied on financial loans to start her businesses; she used raw talent to establish her companies. “It would have been wonderful if someone had loaned me $100,000, because my mother helped me with my first business, Rozie’s Balloons & Flowers… I held on in diverse times.” She advises that others hold on through challenges and obstacles.

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