RoseMarie Long-Langworthy

RoseMarie Long-LangworthyTitle: President

Company: Rose’s Applicators

Location: Oviedo, FL

Oviedo, Florida, December 9, 2010, RoseMarie Long-Langworthy, President of Rose’s Applicators, has been recognized by Elite American Business Owners for dedication, achievements, and leadership in sunscreen-applicator retail.

An accomplished artist, Ms. Long-Langworthy has infused her creativity and innovation into a practical entrepreneurial venture that has met with success after only one year in operation. Upon her realization that it is difficult for anyone to put sunscreen on his or her back, Ms. Long-Langworthy invented and patented an applicator with a long-handle and foam head to access hard-to-reach areas. The foam head retains the sunscreen to avoid a mess while the long-handle easily folds for travel and storage. As the president of her company, Ms. Long-Langworthy is responsible for overseeing all business functions, including administration, advertising, marketing, and collaborating with other businesses in the Oviedo, Florida area.

Prior to establishing herself as a business owner, Ms. Long-Langworthy worked for many years as an adjunct educator at R.I.S.D., University of Alaska Anchorage, and the University of Cincinnati, S.U.N.Y.A. Her successes as a professor were a derivative of her own educational foundation, which also serves as the predicate to all of her achievements as an entrepreneur. Ms. Long-Langworthy holds a Master of Fine Arts in painting from the University of Cincinnati, a Master of Arts in Painting from the University at Albany, and a bachelor’s degree in painting from San Diego State University.

Ms. Long-Langworthy’s persistence in all of her professional endeavors has led to a best in show award and award of distinction from the University of Cincinnati Clermont College. She was the recipient of a Jurors’ choice award from the International Gallery of Contemporary Art for her creation of 20-30 pieces in various concentrations including surrealism and abstract flowers. Named Outstanding Professional of the Year, Ms. Long-Langworthy has also been recognized as Entrepreneur of the Year representing Specialty Product Development by Cambridge Who’s Who. Both accomplishments stand out as her career highlights.

In her spare time, Ms. Long-Langworthy enjoys gardening, boating, fishing, traveling, visiting museums and making arts and crafts. With her entrepreneurial intuition serving as her greatest ally, Ms. Long-Langworthy intends to bring her sunscreen applicator to market, focus more on painting and drawing, and exhibit her artwork on a grandeur scale.

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