Ruth Guinn

Ruth GuinnTitle: President, Co-Founder

Company: Material Kidz

Location: Prescott, AZ

Prescott, Arizona | December 17, 2010 | Ruth Guinn, President and Founder of Material Kidz, has been recognized by Elite American Business Owners for her dedication, achievements, and leadership in all aspects of running her own online retail store.

Mrs. Guinn is a Montana native, who owns an embroidery business that specializes in unique designs. For the past five years she has been working to grow her online retail company, Material Kidz. As President and Founder of the company, she is responsible for managing business operations, producing the handmade embroidered dolls, assisting in product marketing, and creating original designs of embroidered clothing for dolls. Material Kidz developed when Mrs. Guinn and the other co-founders saw a need for a product for a child that was non-toxic and not complicated. Mrs. Guinn created the first “Material Kid.” Each doll is an embroidered two-ply padded felt doll. The company also features outfits for the dolls as well as travel cases. The company originated in Houston, TX in 2007 and later expanded to become an online retail store in 2008.

Although Mrs. Guinn now works in the online retail industry, she is a Registered Nurse and received an Associate of Applied Science from Amarillo College, TX in 1973. She became involved in her profession through her lifelong interest in sewing. She attributes her success to her determination, the support she receives from her family and friends, and the enthusiasm and excitement she receives from being creative. She feels that the most rewarding part of her career was having the opportunity to open Material Kidz. Mrs. Guinn was recognized as VIP Member of the Year in 2009 by Cambridge Who’s Who® publishing.

When Mrs. Guinn is not creating dolls and growing her online business, she enjoys spending time with her husband and assisting him at his bar. She also does charity work for the American Diabetic Association. In five years, Mrs. Guinn hopes to have her online business expanded.

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