Shirley Wolfe

Shirley WolfeTitle: 1) Owner 2) Sales Specialist

Company: 1) Shirley’s Creations 2) Lowe’s

Location: Salem, OH

Salem, Ohio | January 14, 2011 | Shirley A. Wolfe, Owner of Shirley’s Creations and Sales Specialist at Lowe’s, has been recognized by Elite American Business Owners for demonstrating dedication, leadership, and excellence in all aspects of managing her own design firm. An expert in embroidery, Ms. Wolfe has over 14 years of professional experience. As the owner of Shirley’s Creations, a provider of custom embroidery on jackets, shirts, hats and almost any piece of clothing, Ms. Wolfe is responsible for advertising, managing customer service, and performing embroidery.

As a person who enjoys socializing with others, Ms. Wolfe attributes her success in the industry to her passion for embroidery. With her enthusiasm for working with people and a desire to become more independent, Ms. Wolfe opened Shirley’s Creations over six years ago. Over her career she has learned to have patience with every customer and to listen to what the customer wants and needs. Ms. Wolfe looks to the future and the opportunity to retire from Lowe’s and concentrate solely on Shirley’s Creations.

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Shirley Wolfe

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