Susan Skoczypiec

Susan SkoczypiecTitle: Owner, Operator

Company: Owner, Operator

Location: Carteret , NJ

After suffering from allergies for many years and staying away from lotions and cosmetics due to those allergies, Susan Skoczypiec was inspired to create a line of natural beauty products that she could use personally. She believes that it is very fulfilling to help customers who experience the same problems and has been running Nature’s Brilliance By Sue™ since 2007. Her beauty and cosmetics company offers a wide range of natural mineral cosmetics, including Monavé, Honeybee Gardens, Kettle Care, Organic Excellence Haircare, and Nature’s Brilliance By Sue. The company also sells mineral makeup, lip products, natural hand and body lotion, natural shower gel, powdered deodorant and perfumes, watercolor nail enamels, and vegan makeup brushes and accessories. As the owner of the company, Ms. Skoczypiec is responsible for handling the daily business operations. She also creates mineral cosmetics and skin care products to sell. Ms. Skoczypiec attributes her success to her determination and the fact that she loves what she does. Although she cannot focus 100 percent of her time on her business due to her job as an administrative secretary for the Carteret Police Department, the coordinator of the Neighborhood Watch Program and the National Night Out Project in Carteret, she intends to retire from the department in the coming years in order to free up her time.

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Susan Skoczypiec

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