Thelma Sue Henley

Thelma Sue HenleyTitle: Owner, Operator

Company: Henley Ranches

Location: Nocona, TX

Nocona, Texas | November 20, 2010 | Thelma Sue Henley, Owner and Operator of Henley Ranches, has been recognized by Elite American Business Owners for her dedication, achievements, and leadership in cattle ranch operations management.


Thelma Sue Henley has spent her entire life around horses and cattle ranching. Although she had ventured away from cattle ranching as a young adult, she found herself bound to Henley Ranches due to a promise made to her Grandaunt and her passion for ranching. As a child, Ms. Henley always admired her father, a World War II hero and well known cattle rancher. He taught her everything he knew of cattle, horses, and ranching. When her father’s ailments began to hinder his abilities to run Henley Ranches, Ms. Henley returned home to rebuild and run the one place she loved most in the world.


Over the years she has put her heart into restoring the ranch. She wants others to see the ranch as she remembers it. Throughout all her hard work and struggles to restore what she loves, Ms. Henley fondly remembers her Grandaunt who always believed that actions spoke louder than words. Although the road to her goal for the ranch is a struggle, Ms. Henley has had to deal with Mother Nature’s destruction and paralyzing back problems with two resulting surgeries, she will not allow anything deter her. She is proud to have the opportunity to carry on her family legacy and honor the Henley family name.


Despite difficult situations and naysayers, Ms. Henley has always persevered. She has proven many times that she will never give up achieving her goals. As a young girl in the 1960s, with her father’s guidance, she proved that ranching and horse training was not just for men. At the young age of 16 she was featured on “Good Morning America” for her work as a horse trainer and a year later was featured in the Wichita Falls Record News. Currently, she is determined to keep her family’s hard-earned, long-standing reputation for quality cattle alive. She concedes that staying ahead of the competition will require determination and a will of steel – two qualities she already has in spades. Ms. Henley is a very indomitable woman, and she advises others to “never let anyone keep you from doing what you love doing and living your dream.”


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Thelma Sue Henley

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