Thelma Sue Henley

Thelma Sue HenleyTitle: Owner, Operator

Company: Henley Ranches

Location: Nocona, TX, United States

Thelma Sue Henley is the owner and operator of Henley Ranches, a cattle raising ranch based in Nocona, Texas. Ms. Henley has amassed more than three decades of professional experience, and over the course of her career, an ever-growing love of her work has continued to blossom. At the helm of her company, Ms. Henley is responsible for training horses, managing operations, raising and selling high-quality cattle, and ensuring proper maintenance of the ranch.

Ms. Henley has garnered a reputation of prominence for her outstanding efforts as a business leader; she marks a major career highlight as her appearance on “Good Morning America” at the tender age of 16, and another as her being written about in the Wichita Falls Record News for breaking and training horses, which was a rarity for women during the 1960s. She went on to build on a diverse skill set, serving as a card dealer at the Royal Inn, Desert Inn and Riviera in Las Vegas. She served as an assistant rancher at various cattle ranches throughout Nevada, and taught calculus, trigonometry and geometry in the Dallas School System.

Ms. Henley attended college to teach high school mathematics but her heart brought her to a career in ranching. She fixed up her great-aunt’s and uncle’s ranch. Ms. Henley has always looked up to her father, who served in the Army and received a Purple Heart with a Cluster, an Air Medal and a Distinguished Flying Cross. She also has fond memories of her great aunt, who believed that actions spoke louder than words. As a firm believer in “you reap what you sow,” Ms. Henley treats others as she would like to be treated. She stands up for what she believes in, plays fair, exudes honesty and follows God’s guidance. She is a very determined woman and her advice to anyone is “never let anyone keep you from doing what you love doing and living your dream.”

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Thelma Sue Henley

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