Virginia Goerger

Virginia GoergerTitle: Owner

Company: Virginia’s Photos and Flowers

Location: Wyndmere, ND

Virginia Vaplon Goerger is the owner of Virginia’s Photos and Flowers, a photography and floral design studio based in Wyndmere, North Dakota. Specializing in professional freelance photography and floral design, Mrs. Goerger’s studio offers arrangements for special occasions, such as weddings, graduations, and church and community events.

Mrs. Goerger accredits the success of her business to a strong work ethic, and to her company being positioned in a remarkable site. “I have a great location and work ethic, because living in a small world America, a business has to adapt to the type of people, market and everything that is in where you are,” she said in an EliteAMERICAN interview. She familiarized herself with her surroundings, and after becoming accustomed with her role as a farmer’s wife, she decided to pursue her dreams of being an entrepreneur. Mrs. Goerger sought opportunities for growth amongst such markets as special occasion consulting, community functions, and weddings, and was able to experience a natural progression into her role, as she has always maintained an artistic stance. “I am an artist, this [kind of work] would not be possible if you’re not artistic, because seeing photos takes an artistic eye.”

Mrs. Goerger currently conducts workshops, judges photography and flower exhibits at area fairs, and photographs area events for clients. She also records historical events and creates unique and enchanting floral designs. She has received accolades over the years for her artistic endeavors; Mrs. Goerger was recently honored with the G.K. Haukebo Historic Resource Award. She has also won the 1989 Community Leadership Award, the 1990 4-H Alumni Award, and a 1990 Achievement Award for a North Dakota Outstanding Woman-Owned Business. Between 2002 and 2007, she has received a plaque for her contributions to the Minnesota State University Family History Photo Contest.

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Virginia Goerger

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