William Candler

William CandlerTitle: Chairman, President

Company: Candler Mercantile Inc.

Location: Hawley , TX, United States

William Candler is the chairman and president of Candler Mercantile Inc., a manufacturing company that produces and sells electronic cigarettes, all types rechargeable, disposable, accessories, and parts, as well as a how to stop smoking guide. The company’s motto is “the real alternative to smoking” as the products do not have tar, carbon monoxide or any of the 4,000 chemicals in cigarettes. The consumers who smoke the electronic cigarettes only get nicotine, and the amount of nicotine in the electronic cigarettes can be dropped down until it reaches zero. Mr. Candler started the company four years ago after his wife had open heart surgery and couldn’t be around smoke anymore. He got on the computer, did research and discovered electronic cigarettes. Mr. Candler ordered some and they tasted the same as his cigarettes. He liked them so much he started selling to friends and neighbors and then online. He became a cigarette distributor and it grew from Florida to Arizona, and eventually turned into a full-time job. More recently Mr. Candler has been promoting his products at expos and conventions. His products have been used by individuals around the country as well as military personnel overseas. As the chairman and president of the company, Mr. Candler is responsible for running the business, taking orders, buying the materials, getting products assembled, making shipments to distributors, and mailing out orders. He also conducts public speaking engagements and helps others to quit smoking. Mr. Candler attributes his success to being straight with people. It is the way he was brought up and the way he runs his business. He intends to continue expanding and building on his business in the near future.

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William Candler

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