Steve Howard

Steve HowardTitle: President, Chief Executive Officer

Company: The Patterson Companies

Location: Plant City, FL

Steve Howard is the president and chief executive officer of The Patterson Companies, a brokerage that provides transportation services to the United States and Canada. The company is one of North America’s premier third-party logistics providers of perishable and non-perishable goods. Mr. Howard assumed his position seven years ago after gaining extensive experience in logistics and trucking. He was exposed to the industry at an early age as his father was in the trucking industry. After beginning his career in the heating and air conditioning business, Mr. Howard decided to switch career paths because he wanted to drive trucks in his father’s business. He joined Patterson as a broker, became a partner in 2001, and bought the company in 2006. An expert in developing business and maintaining strong customer relationships, Mr. Howard is responsible for interacting with shippers and receivers, as well as agents and brokers located in 21 branch offices throughout 10 states. Under his leadership the company has exceeded $100 million in revenue and Mr. Howard looks to continue growing the company to $500 million in revenue before handing over the reins to his family.

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Steve Howard

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