Sherri Wong

Sherri Wong 1713939Title: Sole Proprietor

Company: Bridge Road Bistro

Location: Charleston, WV

Charleston, WV, April 30, 2014, Sherri Wong, Sole Proprietor of Bridge Road Bistro, has been recognized by Elite American Business Owners for dedication, achievements and leadership in restaurant operations.

Ms. Wong’s father was a chef and he instilled in her a sense of pride and passion for her work. She gained an interest in the industry, realizing she could use her creativity to develop unique and delicious meals and interact with a diverse group of people, and pursued a career in the field. Ms. Wong has more than three decades of experience in the food industry and has been running her establishment, Bridge Road Bistro, for the past 10.

Bridge Road Bistro provides customers with the ultimate fine dining experience. Its eclectic menu incorporates dishes and concepts from around the world that can satisfy any palate. Ms. Wong’s Bistro has two private party rooms, one holding up to 25 and the other up to 50. She also has a mobile unit that goes into town and caters for the local private tennis club. Bridge Road Bistro has earned numerous honors, including Best Fine Dining Restaurant in Charleston as well as Wine Spectators Award of Excellence. Ms. Wong is extremely proud of her restaurant’s success and ensures her customers leave happy by providing the highest quality services.

As the owner, she is responsible for overseeing commissary and food services, catering, selecting items for the menu, staffing, which includes the employment of 50 people full time, 13 part time and 12 people seasonally, preparing food, and managing deliveries, scheduling, marketing, business development, client service and retention, training and assessment of services. Ms. Wong attributes her success to her love of cooking. She comes from a long line of chefs, including her grandmother. She is passionate about what she does, and has impeccable taste in creating superb meals. She intends to expand her restaurant and continue providing customers with upscale and eclectic dishes.


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