Jeremy Schwarz

Jeremy SchwarzTitle: President, Chief Financial Officer

Company: Vector IT Consulting

Location: Hawthorne, NJ

Jeremy Schwarz is the president and chief financial officer of Vector IT Consulting, a firm that serves nonprofit organizations and assists them in upgrading and redesigning computer systems and overall business infrastructure. Mr. Schwarz owns the company with a partner who specializes in virtualization and networking. He started the company six years ago and has watched it gain a stellar reputation for its products and services. An expert in corporate infrastructure and Microsoft software, Mr. Schwarz is responsible for managing operations, acquiring new clients, and overseeing, designing, implementing and maintaining Microsoft and VM Ware infrastructure technologies. Mr. Schwarz attributes the success of his 16-year career in computer systems technology to his work ethic and ability to communicate with all levels of management. He is committed to completing each and every task and project he takes on and fulfilling his promises to his clients. Looking toward the future, Mr. Schwarz hopes to continue expanding his business and become the leading service provider for nonprofit organizations.

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Jeremy Schwarz

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