Marilyn Lehmann

Marilyn LehmannTitle: Owner (Retired)

Company: Tools for Independent Living LLC

Location: Bellevue, WA

Marilyn Lehmann is the owner of Tools for Independent Living LLC, a company that offers tools and daily living aids, including dining and kitchen utensils, for the disabled and senior citizens. Ms. Lehmann ran her business for six years before making the decision to retire. An expert in business management who spent 23 years in the data systems industry, Ms. Lehmann was responsible for surfing the Internet, viewing sales and new products, staying connected with the community, performing independent living services, and providing products to clients. Ms. Lehmann attributes all the success she experienced throughout her career to her persistence and ability to overcome challenges. She earned an associate degree in liberal arts, an associate degree in computer science, and an associate degree in recreational leadership at Bellevue University.

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Marilyn Lehmann

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