Nancy Juarbe

logo.jpgTitle: Owner, Paralegal

Company: Nancy’s Immigration Paralegal Service

Location: Encino, CA

Nancy Juarbe started her career as a paralegal for a law firm in New York and found she had a knack for this type of work. She worked at the firm for a little more than nine years, gaining extensive experience in the immigration law field, and decided to open her own consultancy in 1997. Ms. Juarbe established Nancy’s Immigration Paralegal Service, which provides clients with a wide range of paralegal and immigration consulting services. Ms. Juarbe truly cares for her clients and strives to attain favorable results for them by preparing documents for applicants seeking permanent residency, employment and citizenship. She wants her clients to be able to achieve the “American Dream,” and works tirelessly to provide them with the highest quality services. Fluent in English and Spanish, Ms. Juarbe attributes her success to her passion and hard work, as well as having the opportunity to work with and learn from top lawyers in the country. Ms. Juarbe would like to continue offering her services to clients for many years to come.

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