Todd Pearson

logo.jpgTitle: President, Founder

Company: Global MRO Products

Location: Rolling Meadows, IL

Rolling Meadows, IL, June 5, 2014, Todd H. Pearson, President and Founder of Global MRO Products, has been recognized by Elite American Business Owners for dedication, achievements and leadership in distribution.

After leaving the Air Force, Mr. Pearson found a position in a small office for a large Japanese distribution company through a recruiter. He enjoyed working in an international environment and has refined his skills in the field over the past 25 years. Eleven years ago, Mr. Pearson decided to venture out on his own and established Global MRO Products. His company is an international importing and distribution company that offers services in the sourcing of industrial MRO products. An expert in task management, Mr. Pearson is responsible for managing and marketing the company, handling large-scale negotiations with accounts, spending large amounts of time locating, and negotiating and developing international supply partners as well as international manufacturers.

Mr. Pearson is recognized as a fair and objective leader who always strives to remove his biases from the decision making process. He prides himself on being a leader people are drawn to, as well as a leader people value and trust. Mr. Pearson’s ability to work with a diverse group of people has enabled him to drive the success of his company and excel in his professional endeavors. He also credits his success to his employees and his personality. Looking toward the future, Mr. Pearson intends to have a strong distribution office in Japan and Germany. Presently, he is working on the development of their first international office in Yokohama, Japan. With respect to sales, he would like to surpass $15 million.

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