Pamela McQueer

Pamela McQueer 1509738Title: President, Chief Executive Officer

Company: Logan Consultants LLC

 Location: Otsego, MI

Ms. McQueer invented three first-of-their-kind patented products, the female football shoulder pad, the sports bra to protect breast tissue against blunt trauma causing breast cancer, and the female bullet-proof vest. She started in this business 13 years ago for two reasons. One is that she purchased a female football team and found that the protective pads available were made for men. She began designing shoulder pads and breast protection for her football team. Second, she designed the sports bra from her own experience as a martial artist and athlete. She suffered injuries leading to precancer of the breast, and that led her to design a sports bra to protect the tissues of the breast. As the president and CEO of Logan Consultants LLC, she is responsible for researching, developing and designing products to provide breast tissue and trauma protection, studying breast-related trauma and the impact it may have on the breast tissue, and marketing products. She attributes her success to networking with a great group of mentors. She also credits her mom, who ran a business while raising four children, and it showed her how to be able to balance the two. Ms. McQueer hopes to educate women on safety and protection of breast tissue and long-term health, and introduce her products to women for years to come. 

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Pamela McQueer

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