Mary Burns

Mary Burns 1618304Title: Owner, Operator

Company: Petals N Soap

Location: Madison, AL

Madison, AL, August 1, 2014, Mary E. Burns, Owner and Operator of Petals N Soap, has been recognized by Elite American Business Owners for dedication, achievements and leadership in developing bath and beauty products.

Inspired to start her own company after seeing her grandson struggle to find skin-friendly soaps to treat his eczema, Ms. Burns took matters into her own hands and created a product for him that was skin friendly. His mother was happy to report that this helped keep his condition in control. Soon others started asking for her soaps and her company started to expand.

Ms. Burns sells her products at the Crafty Behr and is always looking to develop new products. The designs and fragrances along with the healthy ingredients are what draws customers to her products and leads to her loyal customer base. As the owner and operator, she is responsible for designing and creating the soaps and other products, the fragrance and design, being involved in the financial and bookkeeping end of the business, and handling the advertising. Ms. Burns takes great pride in her work and attributes her success to her product because it is appealing to the eye and beneficial to the skin. She would like to continue expanding the company’s reach and products in the near future in order to assist people with sensitive skin.

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Mary Burns

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