Rebecca Johnson

logo.jpgTitle: Owner

Company: Ej Vending LLC

Location: Bruceton Mills, WV

After gaining experience managing a snack bar, Rebecca Johnson made the decision to venture out on her own. For the past 13 years, she has served as the owner of Ej Vending LLC, a vending machine company that does snacks and sodas, Pepsi and Coke, cold food machines, and coffee machines. Ms. Johnson has watched her company gain a stellar reputation for its products and services, and takes great pride in putting the customers’ needs first. An expert in repairs, she is responsible for filling 139 vending machines, keeping track of money, ensuring orders, taking telephone calls for repairs, and dealing with wholesalers. Ms. Johnson has 28 years of professional experience and attributes her success to her money-handling skills. She advises others who would like to be successful to do something that they enjoy and that makes them happy. Looking toward the future, she hopes to grow professionally and expand Ej Vending LLC.

Contact Rebecca Johnson

Rebecca A. Johnson


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