Mark Wagner

logo.jpgTitle: 1) Agent, Owner 2) Agent, Owner 3) Agent, Owner

Company: 1) American Atlantic LLC 2) American Legacy 3) Party On Inc.

Location: Canfield, Ohio

Canfield, Ohio, September 25, 2014, Mark Wagner, Agent and Owner of American Atlantic LL, American Legacy and Party On Inc., has been recognized by Elite American Business Owners for dedication, achievements and leadership in entrepreneurship.

Mr. Wagner is a highly regarded professional who serves as an independent insurance agent, notary, and business owner of insurance, medical training and entertainment companies. A dynamic public speaker for educational and inspirational seminars, Mr. Wagner operates his companies with integrity and prides himself on providing clients with the highest quality services. In his positions, he is responsible for conducting meetings and training sessions, studying product details, recruiting and going to homes to speak about policies, creating and maintaining four different schedules, prospecting and networking for new clientele, conducting research, and managing the American Legacy division and the Party On Inc. companies.

Mr. Wagner is dedicated to assisting his clients in achieving their financial goals by securing the most suitable product with the appropriate insurance carrier. He also develops strong financial plans that allow clients to set aside money for the future. He attributes his success to his hard work ethic and the fact that he always puts the client first. He says that he will work from “eight to faint.” In the coming years, Mr. Wagner would like to overcome obstacles that have hindered business in the past and use his experience to regain his foothold in the industry, while embracing the times and educating people.

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Mark Wagner

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