Lise Sieber

Lise Sieber 1034503Title: Sharepoint Administrator, Owner

Company: Archivit, Inc.

Location: Texas

Lise Sieber served in the U.S. Military for more than 28 years. She enlisted in the United States Navy after graduating from college. Ms. Sieber then joined the Army Reserves were she was mobilized for five years, and was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel before she retired. For her exceptional service to her country, she earned the Staff Identification Badge and Meritorious Service Medal from the Army. Today, Ms. Sieber owns and operates Archivit Inc. For the past 14 years, her company has provided information management and technology solutions, photograph archiving services, and geographic information systems. A hardworking individual who has extensive experience in IT, Ms. Sieber is responsible for upgrading hardware systems, and utilizing 3D computer graphics. She also dedicates her time and skills to expanding her photography business. Ms. Sieber wants to help individuals digitalize photos from negatives and slides. This will help people hold onto their memories. Her background makes her a sought-after professional and she has played a major role in implementing new ideas for digital archiving and imaging, mentoring and guiding others in the field, and helping individuals enhance their careers. She attributes her success to her educational background, professional flexibility and listening skills. Looking toward the future, Ms. Sieber intends to concentrate more on her geographic information systems, 3D computer graphics and photography in nautical archaeology and other related fields.

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Lise A. Sieber 2

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