Robert Easley Sr.

Robert Easley 1374991Title: Owner

Company: Shields Electric Co.

Location: California

Interested in the electrical field, Mr. Easley entered the profession more than 43 years ago. He has become a well-respected leader who owns and operates Shield Electric Co., which provides clients with a wide range of electrical services. Mr. Easley’s vast experience and background in commercial and residential electrical work enable him to successfully lead his team and troubleshoot problems. Mr. Easley also responds to all business calls, performs inspections, installs electrical systems in homes and offices, and conducts infrared scanning. Mr. Easley attributes his success to his hard work and desire to provide for his family. Looking toward the future, Mr. Easley hopes to use his business as a bridge to open a school for electricians.

Contact Robert Easley Sr. 

Robert L. Easley

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