Edwin Villegas

Title: President, Chief Executive Officer

Company: Winmar Construction

Location: Washington, DC

While Edwin Villegas was in college, he worked for construction companies and discovered his passion for the industry. Mr. Villegas has worked in the general construction industry since 1997. After gaining years of experience in the industry, he decided to establish his own company, Winmar Construction. His employees focus on renovations, designing, project estimations and construction within the retail, office, restaurant and hotel sectors in Washington D.C., South Florida and Maryland. An expert communicator, Mr. Villegas is tasked with working with clients, handling contract negotiations, providing construction management, handling budgeting, forecasting business sales, creating business plans, and seeking new business opportunities. Mr. Villegas is proud of the reputation his company has garnered and would like to expand it, as well as work on larger projects.

Contact Edwin Villegas

Edwin  Villegas

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