Robert Peters

Robert Peters 1828572Title:  President

Company: R Peters Consulting LLC

Location: Fort Gratiot, MI

Fort Gratiot, MI, January 16, 2015, Robert V. Peters, President of R Peters Consulting LLC, has been recognized by Elite American Business Owners for dedication, achievements and leadership in business development.

Always interested in how things were made, Mr. Peters spent a majority of his career in the aerospace, automotive and manufacturing industries. He has started businesses from the ground up, and made them No. 1 in quality and profitability. Mr. Peters has taken the skills and knowledge he has learned throughout his 40-year career to establish a consultancy where he works with companies to help them become a better organization, and improves profitability. He has taught people how to work together and learn from each other, and helped others grow into management positions and be successful.

Mr. Peters is a highly regarded professional who has achieved great success throughout his illustrious career. He completed a lot of work in aerospace industry, including his participation with the V22 Ospray Program, and was honored with numerous awards for his contributions. Furthermore, Mr. Peters is mentioned in a book written by Daniel H. Herring, “Vacuum Heat Treatment,” which is available for purchase through Amazon. He believes all of his accomplishments are a direct result of teamwork, quality and his ability to teach others how to be successful. Looking toward the future, Mr. Peters plans to teach the younger generation while continuing to help companies turn their business around.

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Robert V. Peters

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