Aleksandr Romanychev

Title: Chief Executive Officer, Owner

Company: WCH Service Bureau, Inc.

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn, NY, February 11, 2015, Aleksandr Romanychev, Chief Executive Officer and Owner of the WCH Service Bureau, Inc., has been recognized by Elite American Business Owners for dedication, achievements, and leadership in healthcare management. At the helm of a healthcare management solutions provider which is dedicated to streamlining and simplifying the processes of credentialing, reimbursement and office operations, Mr. Romanychev, an expert in business management and development, is responsible for working closely with the administration of the firm to establish core competencies in the healthcare field. “What I do is not just a job; my clients are my partners—we give them the very best advice so that they are protected,” Mr. Romanychev recently said in an interview with Elite American Business Owners.

In 2001, after managing a pediatric medical practice in New York where he identified the demand for reliable, financial and provider management services for large and small medical groups, Mr. Romanychev made the decision to establish his own business. WCH has grown from a single service medical billing outfit in Brooklyn, New York to one of the few companies that offer front and back-end medical services with hundreds of physician groups as clients.

The son of university professors, Mr. Romanychev believes strongly in education for advancement in life and has developed the website, which is an educational online portal that allows children to learn through the use of interactive 3D games. He is currently seeking to provide the technology and curriculum to U.S. to Eastern European as well as other countries as a way of giving back to the community. The website represents today’s most comprehensive effort to create an innovative, fully integrated and versatile resource for learning and interaction, combining the best achievements of both the American and the European (Russian) education systems by utilizing cutting-edge technology. After being diagnosed with cancer six years ago, he made a promise that if he survived, he would create something meaningful for his kids as well as thousands of other children.

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Aleksandr Romanychev



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