Helen verDuin Palit

Helen Verduin PalitTitle: 1) Founder, President 2) Founder, President

Company: 1) America Harvest Inc. 2) Maple Leaf Harvest

Location: Miami Beach, FL

Miami Beach, FL, February 18, 2015, Helen verDuin Palit, Founder and President of America Harvest Inc. and Maple Leaf Harvest, has been recognized by Elite American Business Owners for dedication, achievements, and leadership in entrepreneurship.

Ms. Palit is a recipient of a number of awards, including the title of Quintessential Woman as granted by Town & Country Magazine in 1986, an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters, as granted by Iona College, and a Distinguished Alumna Award for Career Achievement by the Ex-Students Association of Texas Tech University. She was also named a Woman of Achievement by the Century City Chamber of Commerce, and nominated for a World Food Prize—she also received the prestigious Ellis Island Medal of Honor in 2012. This is because Ms. Palit helps the hungry by enabling companies within different industries and governments the opportunity to donate their good un-served food that our professional Health Department certified truck drivers will pick up and within the hour, deliver free to the approved local soup kitchens, food pantries and banks, and emergency shelters to feed their hungry men, women, and children.

Ms. Palit was honored in 1989 by Former President George H.W. Bush as the Fourth Point of Light in his Thousand Points of Light. She also received the prestigious Community Service Award with the mandate to replicate the program in other cities that need it. Upon reflecting on a rewarding career, Ms. Palit recently told Worldwide Branding Charities that what she loves most about her line of work is that she can have fun while helping others. As a former truck driver, she is fascinated by logistics; while working with food in one area and a truck in another area of the city, she is able to oversee logistics and have fun while doing it. She has also been afforded a few amazing opportunities over the years, such as meeting Former President Bush.

Ms. Palit’s charities are located across 1,317 cities around the world, and she also trains people without charge in an ongoing effort to feed the globe. Ms. Palit’s charities have served 8 billion meals and counting since 1981.

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Helen verDuin Palit


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