Jordan Heilweil

Jordan Heilweil 1847208Title: President

Company: Total Recall Corporation

Location: Suffern, NY

Jordan Heilweil always had a very strong desire to help keep Americans safe. He also wanted to help keep the country’s national monuments safe for generations to come, which is why he established Total Recall Corporation. The electronic security firm provides large-scale security solutions for the law enforcement and corporate community. Total Recall Corporation is the manufacturer of CrimeEye, a citywide public safety system that is used to help protect major cities and small towns. Certified in the design and installation of a wide variety of cameras, switch matrices and digital video recording systems, Mr. Heilweil has led the company to achieve tremendous success. He is viewed as a pioneer who has streamlined the concept of citywide networks for video surveillance. Mr. Heilweil also designed and supervised the installation of the security system for the State of Liberty and Liberty Island. Throughout his career, Mr. Heilweil has collaborated with government agencies to provide the highest quality security services. He has expanded to take on international projects as well. His hard work has earned him the Axis Partner Of the Year award, Milestone Partner of the Year, and GSN Homeland Security Award. Living out his passion, Mr. Heilweil intends to continue developing the concepts related to security for years to come.

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Jordan Heilweil

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