Richard Cartagena

Title: President, Chief Executive Officer

Company: Nexxtworks Inc.

Location: Palm Harbor, FL

Richard Cartagena started his career in the technology industry selling computers while in college. He quickly realized the direction the industry was going and established his own voice and data company in 1997. Nexxtworks Inc. is a solutions provider for the Fortune 500 companies and small businesses, and has more than 70 major brands such as Adobe, Cisco, Citrix, Dell, and Juniper hardware. Mr. Cartagena spreads his vision throughout the company, and spends his days working on future growth, managing the company, and motivating his team. He is very proud of the reputation his company has garnered over the years, and is honored to have it recognized by Inc. 500 and as one of the 500 largest U.S. Hispanic-owned companies. Looking ahead towards the future, Mr. Cartagena hopes to have 100 million in sales within five years.

Contact Richard Cartagena 

Richard Cartagena

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