Sheila Redding

Sheila Redding 958856Title: Owner

Company: Ready 2 Go Fashions

Location: South Bend, IN

After gaining experience as an inspector for a factory, Sheila L. Redding made the decision to pursue a career in the retail industry. She has 11 years of industry experience and has been operating her own company, Ready 2 Go Fashions, since the early ‘90s. The online apparel store is a family run business that she and her husband, John, established. It offers the highest quality and designer clothing for men and women, including suits and dresses for special occasions. Mr. and Mrs. Redding found their passion in sales and have flourished in the people-centric field. They love to see their products and hear back from satisfied customers. Their entrepreneurial endeavor has been able to succeed over the years due to the support they have received from their family. They look to continue growing the company in the future and giving back to the community. Mrs. Redding volunteers her time in helping children, veterans and cancer patients, and also donates to various community organizations.

Contact Sheila Redding 

John E. & Sheila L. Redding

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